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Want More Information?

There are a number of helpful websites available full of great information on a variety of topics including PND, depression, parenting and more. Below are some that we have found helpful!

Postnatal Distress (PND) – Susan Goldstiver is a registered psychotherapist, specialising in postnatal distress. – Wellington based support group, excellent articles. – A collaboration of committed individuals, health professionals and parents who are united around the importance of postnatal care. – Trauma and birth stress – PTSD after childbirth. – Supporting mothers under stress.

General Depression – Depression website with John Kirwan. – A weekly Wellington based support group for discussion, support and weekly topics on depression. – The Mental Health Foundation website. – Maori mental health website. –  Supporting families in mental illness, regional supports.

Maternal Assistance – Information on infant and child gastric reflux. – Mother-to-mother support, education and encouragement on breastfeeding. – Online store and resource for mothers. – Good sections on mental health. Link to Franklin Centre for local information. – A team of volunteers who have experienced the loss of a baby and want to provide emotional support and information to women and families. – A resource and support network to help restore harmony and balance in life with a baby. – Holistic support centre with a focus on fertility, women and children. – Information on the importance of the first three year of life and brain development. – Providing first class pregnancy, birth and early parenting education and support. – A guide to raising children in New Zealand. Parenting advice from other NZ parents. – Women’s health issues, fertility and maternity.

Help For Men – Helping men beat the baby blues and overcome depression. – Working with men and boys on issues that affect their lives. – Support activities and services for men to break isolation and connect more fully to their identity as men.

International Websites – Produced by a self help group in Victoria, Australia with great articles. – An Australian site with information on all aspects of parenting and children’s development, including PND. – Australian site on depression with a section on PND. – Australian site on depression with a section on PND, anxiety and bipolar Disorder with very good fact sheets. – Personal CBT program, need to be motivated to follow it through. – PSI is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing in every country worldwide. – Diagnosis and treatment of PND and anxiety disorders. – US based site on the health and development of infants, toddlers and their families. – UK site with good information on PND with good stories from women. – A UK postnatal illness support site. – International society for the prevention and treatment of mental illness related to childbirth.