We would love to see you at one of our Peer Support Groups please come along. Any mum who is pregnant or has a baby or child under the age of 5 years is welcome to attend.

Franklin Peer Support for Women


10am - 11.30am and 12.30 - 2pm


St James Pukekohe
30 West Street

Free childcare is provided for these sessions. Babies are welcome in the Peer Support Group.


10am - 11.30am and 7.30pm - 9pm

10am - Randwick Park

Manu Tukutuku
32 Riverton Drive

7.30pm - Pukekohe

St James Pukekohe
30 West Street


10am - 11.30am


Redhill Community Centre
163 Dominion Road
(on the corner of Croskery and Dominion Road)

Free childcare is provided for this session. Babies are welcome in the Peer Support Group.


Tuesday 7.30pm-9pm

This Peer Support Group is held online via ZOOM. Please contact us for the details.

Peer support groups run during school term time only.

Sessions are free but a koha is appreciated.


Please read some of our testimonials from women who currently attend our Peer Support Groups.

“I came to Well Women anxious and depressed and I couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible support from the facilitators and other women who were also struggling. I never felt judged, it was a safe space for me and the biggest help in recovering and getting my life back. I will be forever indebted to Well Women. – Caitlin

“I walked into my first group session when my son was 16 weeks old. I was nervous but I knew I was experiencing a steadily increasing state of PND since birth and probably even prior. I desperately wanted to know I wasnt ‘stuck and alone’ in the struggle of long days and nights, bouts of baby-crying that made
me ache on every level  and feeling an overwhelming absence of support. After years of intense fertility struggles I was distraught that I was very far from ‘happy’. 

First day of group I chose to use optional childminders, I had a hot drink and colored in pretty books, was greeted with warmth, listened, and recognised other women around me were ‘dropping the masks’ for a bit. It was the first time I could hear my own brain, feel my own body, and just breathe. That 90 minutes was restorative like no ‘good sleep’ would ever accomplish. When I did openly share I felt heard and safe. I kept coming, used some of the other services available and discovered deeper levels of wellbeing than I ever had prior, so with second baby on the way I know I’m safe with the support of Well Women.  – Sarah