Jane Fausett

I am delighted to join the team at Well Women and to share in the positive experience of supporting our local community.  I have lived in Pukekohe for over 20 years and have enjoyed a range of involvement in several community organisations during this time.  I am married with 4 children aged from 14-8 yrs.

In addition to working at Well Women, I am a trained personal Life Coach.   I love working locally here in Pukekohe and helping to “make a difference” to those in our community.  I also facilitate adult learning programmes for the Counties Playcentre Association.

Depression has touched my life in the same way as so many of us who either suffer alone or who are brave enough to reach out for support.  I urge you to speak up and share – you are not alone.  With encouragement and support, we can recover from depression to enjoy a whole new stage of our life’s journey.

Take heart – it does get better!