Support Men with PND

A GP is a good point of contact and can help offer advice on  ways to cope with the PND.

Mothers can help support their partners who are experiencing  PND. Although it’s difficult to provide adequate support when you have a new  baby to care for, there are some simple measures mums can take to help their  partner feel better and more positive about life. Just being there for him when  he wants a chat, being sensitive to his needs and finding at least an hour or  two each week to be together can make all the difference to his recovery – if  you work through it together your relationship may also become stronger too.

The very worst thing that can happen is if he’s left to battle  the blues by himself.

Other helpful methods:

  • Keep physically active – a brisk walk can do wonders for the  soul and make you feel better about things.
  • Meet up with friends.   Socialising outside of the family unit can be a great remedy for  depressed dads – it reminds them that they are an individual, that there are  other things going on in the world, other people to make them laugh etc.
  • Chatting to other dads going through a similar experience can  help.
  • Invest time in hobbies or take up a new interest such as  fishing, art or photography .
  • Watch your alcohol and drug intake, it is very  easy at this stressful time to find refuge in alcohol and drugs which can lead  onto other problems

If you  find that the depression isn’t easing, counselling may help. Some men might  find the thought of revealing their thoughts to a complete stranger horrifying,  but statistics show that it can be surprisingly effective at easing the  symptoms of depression and helping people to think more positively.