Self-help for Postpartum Depression

Sometimes the best thing you can do if you have PND is to take care of yourself.
The more you care for your mental and physical well-being, the better you’ll feel.
Lifestyle changes can help you feel like yourself again.

  • Get some sleep.   A full 8 hours may be impossible when dealing with a newborn, but lack of sleep often makes depression worse.Ask for help from your partner, family members and friends to help you fit in naps when you can.
  • Be kind to yourself.   Find small ways to pamper yourself, like taking a bubble bath, having a hot cup of tea, or have a massage, read a book.
  • Eat well. When you’re depressed, nutrition often suffers. What you eat has an impact on mood, as well as the quality of your breast milk, so do your best to establish healthy eating habits.
  • Aim for a balanced diet of protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.
  • Get out in the sunshine. Sunlight lifts your mood, so try to get at least 10 to 15 minutes of sun per day.
  • Ease back into exercise. Exercise is an effective method for treating depression. Don’t overdo it; a 10-minute walk can improve your mood for two hours.
  • Practice relaxation techniques. A daily relaxation practice can help relieve symptoms of depression, reduce stress, and boost feelings of joy and well-being. Try yoga, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or meditation.

And Remember:

  • Accept help when it is offered! Find people who can help you with child care, housework, and errands so you can get some much needed rest. .
  • Give yourself credit for the things you’re able to accomplish, even if you only get one thing done in a day. If you aren’t able to get anything done, don’t be hard on yourself.
  • Give yourself permission to feel overwhelmed.
  • Remember that no one expects you to be super mum.

AND …care less about the housework!