Support Groups

The type of treatment that is best for you  can depend on various things including:

 Support  groups are an enormously valuable form of support and treatment as they provide  an opportunity for women to come together in a safe and supportive environment  for mutual support. Often it is comforting to be with other mothers who feel  like you do and are experiencing similar symptoms.  Often being in a non-judgmental environment  can help mothers to feel that they are not alone

                         There are different  types of support groups, some are facilitated by  health care professionals while others such as Well Women Franklin are peer support groups.

A Peer Support Group is conducted by facilitators  with a degree of expert knowledge, often who have experienced PND  themselves.  The mothers that attend such  groups are experiencing PND and can offer parenting and emotional skills as  well as support through the recovery process together.

Support groups do  not suit all women with postnatal depression as not everyone is comfortable in  a group setting.