What are the signs and symptoms of PND

Postpartum depression can affect mothers in several different ways. Generally these symptoms are felt regularly over a period of approximately three to four weeks:
Below are some common signs and symptoms:

    1. A feeling of being overwhelmed
    2. A feeling of being trapped
    3. A feeling that it is impossible to cope
    4. A low mood that lasts for longer than a week
    5. A sensation of being rejected
    6. Crying a lot
    7. Feeling guilty
    8. Frequent irritability
    9. Headaches, stomachaches, blurred vision – signs of tension
    10. Lack of appetite
    11. Loss of libido
    12. Panic attacks
    13. Persistent fatigue
    14. Problems concentrating or focusing on things
    15. Reduced motivation
    16. Sleeping problems
    17. The mother lacks interest in herself
    18. A feeling of inadequacy
    19. Unexplained lack of interest in the new baby
    20. Lack of desire to meet up or stay in touch with friends